Debt Collection

Using bespoke information technology and administrative systems, combined with the latest propensity analysis tools, we maximise collection for our clients. We provide a pool of professional debt recovery staff with extensive collection experience in public and private sector debts, along with tailored reports providing real time management information on the progress of your debt.

Sundry debts

Sundry debts include a broad range of miscellaneous debts owed by companies and individuals. Often these debtors have multiple debts. While these are often small individual amounts, they can add up to a significant value, and local authority backoffice collection processes are often under-resourced.

PS&P’s strong experience in managing these kinds of debts can help return this lost revenue while freeing up your resources to focus on core activities.

Housing benefit overpayments

The collection of Housing Benefit Overpayments can often be a complex and difficult area of collection for many Local Authorities. PS&P has developed innovative and tailored recovery solutions for the collection of recoverable overpayments.

Our collections staff undertake professional training both in general benefits regulations and specific local authority circumstances (eg universal credit implementation, discount and relief schemes) to ensure we can provide expert guidance and support if there is ongoing hardship.

Our contact strategies are designed to encourage early engagement, and bespoke online tools such as our Benefits and Budgeting Calculator help us work with customers to develop an achievable repayment plan.

Former tenant arrears

PS&P has extensive experience working with Local Authorities and Housing Associations, and we recognise the challenges placed on them to reduce the volume and amount of former tenant arrears owed.

While this is a traditionally difficult type of debt to collect, PS&P’s consistent success rates can be attributed to:
robust tracing and intelligence gathering capabilities, ensuring we locate more absconders and can provide an accurate assessment of their ability to pay; a
a tailored recovery strategy, using a range of contact channels and methods to prompt early engagement; and
trained staff who are skilled at negotiating a successful outcome once contact is made.

Consumer debt collection

PS&P delivers a robust offer best in class, cost-effective consumer debt collection services for organisations throughout the UK. We provide a bespoke debt recovery strategy tailored to your business requirements and the type of debt owed.

Our outstanding customer service standards and ethical approach ensure we maximise the debt recovered while maintaining your reputation within today’s difficult economic conditions.

Business to business debt collection

Cash flow is important to any business, whether large or small, with over 70% of businesses negatively impacted by delayed payments on a regular basis.

Most organisations don’t have the resource or skillsets to maintain an effective debt recovery programme.

PS&P can assist you with these challenges and provide you with the necessary support needed to manage your arrears collection requirements.

We continue to collect above our clients’ expectations by ensuring we:

  • collect multiple debts for a customer together, through either full payment or an achievable payment plan
  • tailor our collection strategy to each individual to maximise results
  • treat your customers as our customers, ensuring a respectful and professional approach
  • make it easy for customers to pay, with extended contact centre hours and 24 hour “self service” online and automated payment channels
  • keep you informed, with online portal access for your staff to view collection and payment activity
  • only charge you when we successfully collect your debt